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We celebrate
traditional artistic education,
inspire creativity
and respect individuality.

about us

May Fine Art Studio is an oasis of tranquillity, conveniently located in Vienna’s 6th District only a few minutes walk from Mariahilferstrasse.

We offer:

  • Lessons in drawing and painting
  • Small group setting with an individual approach and learning at your own pace
  • Portfolio preparation, customised art courses
  • Courses for children, youth and adults

In these courses you will:

  • Improve your skills
  • Find your unique artistic style
  • Step out of your day-to-day life and nurture your creative self

The May Fine Art Studio is about learning from a professional and highly trained artist over a period of time that suits you. Learning takes time, and practice, mastering one technique before moving on to another. We take ourselves seriously so expect dedication and results!

Take a peek into our May Fine Art Studio.

about us

Damir May BFA

Portrait Painter and Classical Art Instructor

Damir graduated from the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy with a focus on the Old Master techniques.
Classical art instructor at May Fine Art Studio and Amadeus Music and Arts Academy in Vienna, Austria

Mila May MA

Director and Programme Coordinator of May Fine Art Studio

our courses

We offer drawing and painting courses for children, youth and adults.

Oil Painting

We offer oil painting lessons in welcoming and friendly surrounding with customised approach according to your level of knowledge and preferences:

  • Oil Painting – contemporary techniques
  • Oil Painting – old master techniques
  • Oil Painting – alla prima
  • Oil Painting – portrait, still life, seascape, landscape or figure
  • Oil Painting – regular or intensive courses
  • Oil Painting – summer courses in July

We use high quality Old Holland pigments in our painting courses.

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We offer Classical Drawing, Fashion Drawing, Observational Still Life Drawing and Perspective Drawing courses for youth and adults

Classical Drawing courses are offered at 3 levels: Foundation, Advanced and Professional. Each level must be successfully completed before moving to the next.

In the Foundation Programme you will learn, through sketching, about form, proportion and tonal rendering.
In the Advanced Programme participants begin with 2D drawing, where rendering and shading are mastered. The final goal of this level is to achieve illusion of space, so participants will be introduced to 3D drawing.

After successful completion of The Advanced Programme students can join the Professional level Programme. With drawing techniques and skills at a high level students are now ready to focus on the creation of an original body of work for exhibitions or sale at the May Gallery, or for portfolio preparation.

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These drawing courses are for children 7+ and are taught using the unique May method. We also offer Fashion, and Perspective courses for children.

  • These courses utilise the May Method which was specifically developed in our studio to help children learn the skills of classical drawing
  • Children learn classical drawing practices as a tool to enhance hand-eye coordination which improves cognitive skills (perception, attention, memory, visual processing, executive functions)
  • Children’s are taught in small groups with an individual approach

Scroll through all of our courses, or watch a short video of our students!

our courses


The May Fine Art Studio is the best place. If you want to be inspired by all the beautiful art and learn how to create it yourself, then go! The instructor, Damir May, creates a very pleasant atmosphere for learning.

Serge S.

Thank you so much for teaching my son. He is 13 and he has changed so much since he began his lessons with you. He is so self-assured and committed. He now has good grades in school, in ALL SUBJECTS, just from having the improved confidence and belief that he can do something great. Not just talking about art, but life! This is the outcome. Thank you!

Natasha R.

If you want to learn how to draw precisely this is the right choice. Affordable & friendly atmosphere. Doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or you have been drawing for a longer period of time.

Katarina S.

From the short visit at the May Fine Art Studio, I got friendly good energy as much as professionalism concerning the "art of teaching". The prices were like the cherry on the top of a cake.

Sofia P.

Creative and relaxing place 😌

Maja P.

An exceptional, well organized, utmost friendly atmosphere, and nevertheless extra ordinary talented artist to supervise.
Great place for art lovers!

Aamir L.



Aegidigasse 3/1
1060 Vienna, Austria

Mariahilfer Strasse, 400 m
U3/U6 Westbahnhof, 500 m
U6 Gumpendorferstrasse, 350 m
U4 Margaretengürtel, 600 m

info@mayartstudio.eu +43 665 6514 4323